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Uncharted Midnight

"we're all around you"

10 March 1982
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I suppose I should start with a little about me :)

I'm an aussie girl, and currently studying full time.

I'm a self confessed Scifi Junkie. I just cant get enough of it!

As for what I watch? My eternal love will be forever Kindred the Embraced though short lived, it was and will be forever my absolute favorite. I am also a fan of Farscape and like kindred the embraced, i will forever barrack for its return.
I've loved Stargate from the movie to SG-1 and Atlantis, loved Sg-1 even more when BB and CB joined the series.
I adore anything created by Joss Whedon aka the mastermind of Buffy , Angel, and Firefly, and for now at least the last to mention is Smallville cause you just gotta love Lex.
I have to admit I go through fazes of absolute obsession for other TV shows but for these my devotion never wavers.
I love fan fiction and try to dabble when i can and mostly for the above mentioned shows, when not doing that I'm probably delving into my other interests which are art, drawing and photography, ancient history and mythology.
cheers. :-)